Topic: looking for help, need somebody for rebuilding my 1600 fuel injection engine  (Read 1622 times)

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living in Ooltewah now and im looking for somebody ( company ) who can rebuilt my 1600 fuel injection engine from a 1977 super beetle convertible. The garage where its sitting now, is not succesfull in finding somebody. Shipping from California is crazy high and they do need my core. Does somebody has an idea who can do this nearby?? would drive 150 meiles to bring the engine over. but would like to have the core opened and all bearings drilled, to make sure, engine is like brandnew

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I know a few people that can, if I run into them at the show this weekend I'll find out if they still will

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ok thanks


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Andreas, I've called and left several messages on the number you had called me with. There is a gentleman in Dalton, Georgia that does great work. Call Herman at A-Plus Auto Service (706-581-9938) and he'll quote you the engine rebuild.

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Herman is a good guy.
There is also Jesse Kell that is in the Dalton GA area.
Their numbers are in the services section of this page.
Good luck.

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