Classified Posting Guidelines

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If this is your first time visiting our forums and you'd like to sell something, we ask that you first make an introductory post in our Welcome Forum. People will feel more confident about buying from someone who has taken the time to introduce themselves vs. someone who stays anonymous.

The classifieds section is broken up into three forums:

There are a few exceptions though. Please do not list animals for sale, or unlicensed copies of software or digital repair manuals. And obviously not anything illegal to sell is allowed here either.

Only post items that you are personally selling. If you've found a great deal elsewhere on something that you'd like to pass along, we have a stickied thread for that: Found on Craigslist/Samba/Wherever.

Post Title

Begin your post title with one of the following commonly-accepted abbreviations.

  • FS - For Sale
  • WTB - Want To Buy
  • WTT - Want To Trade

Be as descriptive as you can in your title as well. This can mean the difference between someone clicking on your thread and reading your ad vs. skipping it altogether. Please avoid using ALL CAPS in your post title, or distracting characters such as ">", "*", "!", "~", etc. as an effort to draw attention to your thread.

Post Content

Be as descriptive in your post as possible. The more information, the better. If you're selling a car, be sure to include essential info such as make, model, year, mileage, and location. Also indicate if it has a clear title or not as this makes a difference in some states.

Also be sure and include photos. Hardly anyone will be interested in buying something if they can't see it first, particularly a vehicle. See How To Include Images in your Post if you need help adding photos to your thread.

You must include a price in your initial post.

Finally, be sure to leave your preferred method of contact in your post! Whether it's email, phone (call or text), PM, etc., this will help potential buyers answer you.


Responses to classified postings are encouraged, as long as they are positive and on-topic. However this is not a place just to voice an opinion on a product, question the value, etc. That can be done through PMs with the seller if needed.

You are allowed to bump your thread once per day.

We do not delete threads once items are sold. To avoid confusion, please edit your original post and put SOLD in the title so others will know it is no longer available.
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