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I saw that News Channel 9 is holding a town hall on the issue and it seems to be that both the Pro-Union groups and the Anti-Union groups are gearing up for the debate. What's everyone's thoughts?

How has quality been affected in the union years (1978-1988 in PA) vs German quality, vs Mexican plant quality, vs the Chattanooga quality?

What about cost of VWs vs comparable vehicles during those times?


keep it clean...

I am on the fence,  I thought part of the reason they chose tn was no union


I find it interesting that the UAW had a direct impact on VW almost exactly 50 years ago. In 1963, the UAW pressured Johnson to include a 25% tax on imported light trucks as an assault on the VW single and double cabs. You all know how that went...they got harder and harder to import, fewer and fewer are still around...and the big three are known for their trucks. Then all the Jap truck companies come in and make their trucks in the US to avoid a 25% tax.

I bet VW chose to build in the US to eventually bring a light truck to the American market.

My personal opinion is that at one time, there was a legitamate need for labor unions, but for the most part, all they do now is make it harder for manufactures to stay competitive.  I've seen a lot of good companies in our area pack up and leave or go under because of unreasonable union demands.


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